QwertyKey75 Wireless Bluetooth Terminal Hotswap RGB Gasket Mounted Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Switches Lubrication

Tastatura QwertyKey75 Terminal Bluetooth Wireless Hotswap RGB Gasket Mounted are caracteristici cheie:

  • Three Unique Variants: Terminal, Carpathian and Ramen with unique PBT DYE Sub keycap design for a memorable experience.
  • Bluetooth/Wireless: Bluetooth 5.1 and dongle wireless connection, powered by a 4000mAh rechargeable battery.
  • Hotswap: Ability to swap standard switches with any 3 or 5 pin switch.
  • Prelubricated Stabilizers: For a pleasant and quiet sound.
  • Polycarbonate boards: For a smoother typing experience.
  • RGB Complet: RGB lighting with 22 customizable modes.
  • Good Acoustics Straight Out of the Box: Contains 2 layers of EVA foam for improved acoustics.
  • Pre-lubricated switches: Switches are prelubricated with Krytox 205 and Krytox 105.
  • Programmable Knob: The button can be programmed to your preferences via the personal QwertyKey75 software.
  • Software: Dedicated RGB and macro customization software


The keyboard vibrates with neon tones, from deep blue to vibrant pink, a futuristic tableau for sci-fi and tech enthusiasts, complete with an homage to the laws of robotics engraved on the space bar, making every keystroke a cosmic style statement.


Fully enjoy the latest features when it comes to mechanical keyboards!


QwertyKey75 now with Bluetooth 5.1, Wirless with dongle through the powerful 4000 Mah rechargeable battery. Enjoy your favorite activities remotely, without cables!


You can swap out the stock switches with any 3 or 5 pin switch for the sound you want. Whether you want something louder, whether you want something silent, easy or hard to press, you can change everything according to your preferences.