QwertyKey75 Carpathian Bluetooth Wireless Hotswap RGB VIA Gasket Mounted Tastatura Mecanica Gaming

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Switches Lubrication

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Tastatura QwertyKey75 Carpathian Bluetooth Wireless Hotswap RGB Gasket Mounted are caracteristici cheie:

  • 4 Unique Variants: Terminal , Carpathian , Samurai and Ramen with unique PBT DYE Sub keycap design for a memorable experience.
  • Bluetooth/Wireless: Bluetooth 5.1 and dongle wireless connection, powered by a 4000mAh rechargeable battery.
  • Hotswap: Ability to swap standard switches with any 3 or 5 pin switch.
  • Prelubricated Stabilizers: For a pleasant and quiet sound. Also supports screw-in stabilizers.
  • Polycarbonate plates:For a smoother writing experience.
  • Full RGB:RGB lighting with 22 customizable modes.
  • Good Acoustics Right Out of the Box: Contains 2 layers of EVA foam for improved acoustics.
  • Prelubricated Switches:The switches are prelubricated with Krytox 205 and Krytox 105.
  • Knob (Button) Programmable:The knob can be programmed to your preference via QwertyKey75 personal software.
  • Software: VIA