Royal Kludge H81 Hotswap RGB Gasket Bluetooth Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Switches Lubrication
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Package Included:

1 Royal Kludge RK H81 mechanical keyboard hot swap gasket mounted version
1 USB-C cable
1 Keycap puller + 1 Switch puller + 4 extra switches

Technical specifications:

  • Brand: Royal Kludge
  • Model: RK H81 trio mode version (bluetooth + wireless + cable)
  • Switches: RK Cyan (50+15gf) - pre-lubricated, made by TCC
  • The stabilizers are pre-lubricated from the factory.
  • Software: YES (Download Here)
  • HOTSWAP: Yes, this version is 5-pin hotswap
  • Battery size: 3750mAh
  • Gasked Mounted
  • This model comes with a silicone layer in the keyboard case and a silicone layer between the plates and the PCB.
  • Polycarbonate plates.
  • Number of keys: 81
  • Trio Mode connection: Via USB 2.0 cable to USB TYPE-C, via Wireless Dongle 2.4 and Bluetooth
  • Backlight: RGB
  • For: Mac OS/Windows/Android

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