Keychron K2 Pro Hotswap RGB Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

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Switches Lubrication
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Keychron K2 Pro Wireless QMK/VIA is the world's first mechanical keyboard with a 75% layout that can also be used wirelessly via QMK/VIA, opening the way to a new era of mechanical keyboards.
Brandi Keychron
Model Keychron K2 Pro
Switches Keychron K Pro
Software YES – VIA/QMK
Hotswap Yes, this version is 5-pin hotswap
Pre-lubricated switches and stabilizers YES
I'm hungry A layer of silicone
RGB Yes – South Facing
Key material PBT Double Shot – OSA Profile
Connection Wireless and via removable cable USB 2.0 to USB-Type C
Background lighting Full RGB
Compatible with Windows/MAC
Bluetooth Connect up to 3 devices, 4000 mAh rechargeable battery. Up to 300 hours of bluetooth connectivity with RGB off and up to 100 hours of bluetooth connectivity with RGB on.
way 1000 Hz Polling Rate
stabilizing Screw-in type