Gazzew Boba Black U4T Thocky

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Boba Black U4T Thocky 62g


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The GAZZEW Boba U4T is one of the best touch switches you can get for your mechanical keyboard today. It combines a smooth tactile feel with a deep and thocky sound profile.

We would like to inform you that the milky boba housing has been discontinued as it has been found to suffer from fading over time. It has now been replaced with an all black Boba case which does not experience this problem.

  • Weight: 62g / 68g (Bottom-Out Force)
  • Switch type: Thocky Tactile Switch
  • "D" Bump Profile
  • PCB Mount (5 Pin)
  • Slightly pre-lubricated on the base of the spring and on the leaf.
  • Korean stainless steel springs

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I bought 84 of them. They sound absolutely amazing, no ping whatsoever. They feel amazing. IMO no need to even lube them, they feel buttery smooth and lube can ruin the tactility. 10/10

Tom H
Great switches, great service

For me, these keys are perfect without mods. Good sound, no ping, solid housing with no movement.
Fits perfectly and no bent leafs.
The bonus is that the service was fantastic and quick shipping. Thank you

Ionut Ovidiu Fortu
Awesome switches

I only bought 10 of them wheb they were discounted so I can try them out. They have some spring ping, I think, but after lubing them they sound amazing.