Accepted quality standards using Dye Sub technology

In our manufacturing process using DYE SUB technology, we strive to achieve the highest quality standards. However, we must recognize that certain limitations of the technology may lead to the appearance of small imperfections. These include slightly misaligned legends, micro imperfections on the keycap surfaces, a slight blurring of the legends or minor marks on the back of the key, resulting from the plastic injection process.

Unaligned Captions

There is a possibility that some legends applied through this technology may suffer small misalignments up to 0.25mm in any of the directions.

Micro Imperfections

Small possible imperfections on the color spots or other surfaces of the keycaps

Slight Blur

Some legends may be slightly blurred at the edges due to this production process

Specks and spots

Other marks left on the back left by the drains due to the plastic injection process. They are not visible once the keys are placed on the keyboard.

Warped Spacebar

Due to the DYE Sub printing process, which consists of processing at high temperatures, certain longer keys, such as the space bar, may suffer a slight bending.