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Scaun Gaming QK/CTRL par QwertyKey

Dossier réglable : réglage facile de l'angle pour un confort maximal.

Oreiller magnétique avec mousse à mémoire de forme : adaptation parfaite au soutien tête et cou.

Matériau et broderie : tissus durables de qualité supérieure et broderie de haute qualité qualité.

Poignées 4D:

Rotation latérale : Réglage angulaire pour une ergonomie optimale.

Réglage vertical : réglage de la hauteur pour une position correcte du bras.

Réglage de la profondeur : déplacez-vous d'avant en arrière pour un confort personnalisé .

Capacité de charge maximale 180 kg : Stabilité et sécurité pour les utilisateurs de toutes tailles.

Gaslift classe 4 : réglage de la hauteur en douceur et en toute sécurité.

Textile haut de gamme brodé : Confort et durabilité avec un plus de la classe.

Roues en polycarbonate et PU : Durabilité et mobilité silencieuse, protéger les sols.

Assemblage rapide et facile : les composants s'emboîtent parfaitement pour un montage efficace.


Caractéristique spécification
Taille du siège L74-77*L65*H128-138cm
Dans les bras l'un de l'autre 74-77 cm
Bras de hauteur 70.5-80.5 cm
Largeur assise 55,5 cm
Hauteur d'assise 47-57 cm
Hauteur du dossier 85 cm
Profondeur d'assise 50 cm
Hauteur totale du siège 65-135 cm
Poids net 20,0 kg
Poids brut 23,4 kg
Surface Matière textile
Oreillers Oreillers à mémoire de forme
Cadre Métal
poignée Poignées 4D
Ascenseur de gaz Classe 4, 100 mm
Mécanisme Type de papillon
La base Base métallique plate de 350 mm
Roue Grandes roues de 75 mm
Fonctionnalités spéciales Fonction magnétique, oreiller en mousse à mémoire de forme

Main Functions

Gaming chair QK/CTRL by QwertyKey

Adjustable backrest

Easy angle adjustment for maximum comfort.

Magnetic Pillow with Memory Foam

Perfect fit for head and neck support

Material and Embroidery

Durable premium fabrics and high-quality embroidery.

4D handles

Adjustable for vertical, depth and lateral rotation for optimal comfort and ergonomics.

Gaslift Class 4

Smooth and safe height adjustment.

Lumbar support

Ergonomic design with integrated lumbar support to maintain correct posture and reduce back fatigue during prolonged use.


Discover the new standard in comfort and performance with the QK/CTRL by QwertyKey gaming chair. Designed for avid gamers and users who spend long hours at the desk, this chair combines advanced technology with superior ergonomic design. Every detail, from the magnetic memory foam cushion to the premium embroidered textiles, has been chosen to give you an uncompromising user experience. With a load capacity of up to 180 kg and multiple adjustment options, the QK/CTRL is the ideal partner for intense gaming sessions and extended working days. Comfort and style meet in a top product, ready to redefine the idea of ​​an ergonomic chair.

Magnetic Pillow with Memory Foam

Get exceptional support with our magnetic memory foam pillow. It adapts perfectly to the shape of the head and neck, providing comfort and reducing pressure. The magnetic system ensures a safe and easy fixation.

4D handles

Fully customize your sitting experience with 4D height, depth, angle and side adjustable handles. Regardless of your preference, you can adjust the handles to get the perfect arm position.

The 4D handle can be adjusted vertically to fit the desired height. This feature ensures that your arms are always at the correct level, preventing fatigue and discomfort during prolonged use. Vertical adjustment is simple and quick, allowing you to quickly find the perfect position.

The QK/CTRL seat handle also allows for depth adjustment by moving forward and backward. This movement allows you to customize the distance between the handle and the body, providing the ideal support for the arms and allowing you to maintain a correct and relaxed posture at all times.

Adjustable backrest

The QK/CTRL chair is equipped with an adjustable backrest that allows you to adjust the angle for maximum comfort during extended gaming sessions. With a robust and easy-to-use mechanism, quickly find the perfect position to support your back.

Polycarbonate and PU wheels

The QK/CTRL chair is equipped with high-quality wheels made of polycarbonate and PU (polyurethane). These materials ensure exceptional durability and smooth movement on any surface. Polycarbonate provides high resistance to impact and wear, while the PU layer ensures a quiet ride and protects floors from scratches. Whether you're using the chair on parquet, tiles or carpet, these wheels are designed to provide excellent mobility and an effortless user experience.

Fast and Easy Assembly

QwertyKey's QK/CTRL chair comes with all the necessary components for quick and easy assembly. The package includes solid base, durable polycarbonate and PU wheels, class 4 gaslift cylinder, main seat frame, ergonomic backrest, magnetic memory foam cushion and 4D adjustable handles. Each component is designed to fit together seamlessly without requiring complicated tools or advanced technical knowledge. The assembly process is intuitive and efficient, allowing you to have the chair ready for use in minutes. Enjoy the convenience and premium support of QK/CTRL without wasting precious assembly time.

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