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Wykonane na zamówienie klawisze z nadrukiem 3D
Marka: QwertyKey
Materiał: żywica (jak plastik ABS)
Przezroczysty: Nie
Do przełączników typu MX (w kształcie krzyża +)

UWAGA: Istnieje możliwość, że z biegiem czasu produkt ulegnie zniszczeniu - w końcu są drukowane w 3D :)

Customer Reviews

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These 3D printed keycaps are a perfect addition to your mechanical keyboard if you're into racing and cars. They're designed like realistic F1 tyres and feel comfortable to use. However, they're thin and have visible 3D printing marks. Also, they're pretty tall and may stick out in R1 of cherry profile. One thing to note is that these keycaps looks like it gonna scratch easily, but I'm happy to report that mine is still looking great. YMMV, though, so just keep that in mind. Nonetheless, if you're a fan of racing and cars, these 3D printed keycaps are a cool and unique way to personalize your mechanical keyboard. They're great conversation starters and novelties, and definitely worth the purchase if you don't mind these minor flaws.

Satisfactory, but not without flaws

Overall the keycaps look quite nice from the top down.
The print quality is not all too good for the keycap itself.
Quite a few imperfections are present (especially on the bottom where the keycap touched the 3d printer)

I also had to cut out some material to make it fit over the stem on the switch.

For the price it's about what I'd expect, these aren't super expensive.

I do wonder why it was shipped in two separate bags that could've fit 100 boxes of keycaps though! A bit of a waste of packaging.